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Essential Steps To An Effective Product Development Process – Hildebrand Solutions

We’ve rounded up some essential steps to an effective product development process by 8 professionals including Debra Hildebrand, Founder and CEO of LurnAgile.

Knowing where the marketing messages will work best is often the most important part of testing the concept.”

– Dr. Marc M. Batschkus, Archiware

Negotiate with your suppliers and never stop exploring your options. My favorite saying is, “The worst anyone will ever tell you is no.” So negotiate until you can’t.

– Cameron Ross Steiner, Director of Sales and Product Development

“A simple step in the product development process that is often overlooked is identifying a market need.

– Kayla Centeno, Markitors

“Practicality is so important during product development because it can be the one thing that can cost you your entire R&D budget.”

– Francesca Yardley, Threads

When in the development stage, it is important to go beyond the cheapest option and truly invest in high-quality materials that are going to create the best product that keeps customers coming back.

– Peter Babichenko, Sahara Case

As part of every release of a product, there should be an additional sprint/iteration for teams to spend time on innovation and testing new hypotheses.

– Debra Hildebrand, LurnAgile

Product Appeal Testing. “Run a quick survey with some target consumers to make sure the product features and benefits resonate with them.”

– Layton Cox, Marketing Consultant

“Allowing yourself to be flexible in your product launch timeline is key. If you need to present a more rigid timeline to your team, adding extra production or QC time (think weeks) to your launch schedule will allow for unplanned roadblocks.”

– Heather Corey, Beautylish

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